Writing With Sources Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Integrating Sources

  • To bring in a source you can summarize or paraphrase the main ideas, or you can replicate or quote the source.
  • Three principles when citing sources:
    • 1st- Use them concisely
    • 2nd- Don't let your reader think if it your words or someone elses
    • 3rd- Be clear on how it relates to your paper
  • Rules for quoting:
    • Quote only what you need
    • Quote verbatim
    • Use your own words around so it flows nicely
    • Announce the quotation in the words before the quote
    • Choose the announcing verb carefully
    • Don't automatically put a comma before a quotation
    • Use punctuation after the citation
    • Indicate clearly when you are quoting a passage
  • Using block quotes:
    • Indent all lines 10 spaces from left margin
    • Don't use quotation marks
    • Tell reader in advance who the quote is from
    • Construct a lead in sentence
    • Be clear why you put in the block quote
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